Enterprise AppForum is all about developing apps for enterprise. Our Hackathon will run in parallel and be a fun opportunity for you to show off your creative skills. First prize is a Parrot AR Drone!

The Enterprise Appforum is a 3-day conference in Brussels Nov 18-20th 2014 for developers engaged in or targetting the business app world. Pre-registration is essential and there is a delegate fee of $150, which includes food and participation into the Hackathon which is an integral part of the Appforum event.

The Hackathon challenge topic will be revealed to participants at the start on Tuesday evening and the format will be open so you can use whatever is your preferred development language or developer tool. There will be a chance for you to present your app to the judges and, if selected as a finalist, to the whole audience prior to the prizes being awarded on Thursday.

So if you feel the need to keep your creative juices flowing and to have some fun then why not enter (as an individual or as a team of up to 5) our Appforum2104 Hackathon.

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Anyone can enter who is a delegate at Enterprise AppForum2014. Brussels 18-20th November 2014

Individuals or teams of up to 5.


Development language is open, so whatever you are comfortable with - NET, C/C++, Java or Web based


How to enter

All delegates attending Enterprise Appforum2014 will be invited to participate in the Hackathon that starts on the first eventing (Tue 18th Nov).

Contestants will be given just a few minutes to present their app to the judging panel on the morning of 20th November at the end of the Hackathon. The finalists will be asked to share their apps with the whole AppForum audience prior to the winners being announced.


James Pemberton

James Pemberton
EMEA ISV & Developer programs

Adam Bown

Adam Bown
ALK Technical Solutions Manager

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Clemens Suter-Crazzolara

James Laird

James Laird
Associate Editor at LifeHacker.co.uk

Friedger Müffke

Friedger Müffke
Droidcon Founder, AppForum Guest Speaker

Judging Criteria

  • UI/UX Design
    Ease of use and great interface design
  • Use of Enterprise features
    Use of Printers, barcode scanning, NFC, etc
  • Innovation
    Most innovative ideas and features incorporated
  • Best overall app
    General app capability and richness
  • Presentation
    Effectiveness and delivery of presentation to the judges